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Take control of your health

Who Are We?

Founded in 2020, LCA Vantage Healthcare Corporation is designed and committed to simplifying the complexities of healthcare, while putting the power of choice and affordability back in the hands of our members, 24/7, 365 days/year.

LCA Vantage is an innovative healthtech company focused on making all data and information easily accessible to both patients and doctors. The Parker SystemⓇ is a full stack, cloud-based digitized medical product and service created by LCA Vantage Healthcare. Our customizable features include Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Electronic Health Record (EHR), patient care management, automated coding and billing, as well as AI and analytics for research and development. The Parker System Ⓡ is the only EMR and EHR system on the marker that is 100% FHIR compliant. Built and stored on FHIR servers, the Parker SystemⓇ consolidates every piece of data for individual patients and hospital networks under one umbrella.

In addition to healthtech, LCA Vantage Healthcare also offers a contemporary managed care solution. Our approach has been proven to cut traditional healthcare costs by an estimated 40% below the national average. At LCA Vantage you’ll receive the best care available, personalized for your specific needs. We believe in treating the whole person- not just the symptom. Our members' health solutions are guided by their personal LCA Medical Group physicians, specialists, and team of caregivers. Our expert and caring medical teams are empowered and supported by industry-leading technology, disease prevention, state-of-the-art care delivery, and world-class chronic disease management.

Healthcare seems to be one of the only industries where the customer is never right. A fusion of both traditional medical coverage and adaptable digital medicine, LCA Vantage always puts the people first.

Our Executives
Vincent Lopez

Founder & CEO

Anthony Lopez


Chase Foglia

Chief Business Officer

Miko Joubert

Chief Sales Officer

Chris Parker

Chief Technology Officer

Alexis Lopez

Chief People Officer

Alex Polant

EVP, Strategic Business Operations

Owen Walker

Director of Marketing & Communications

Daniel Arispe

Director of Finance