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LCA Vantage is a comprehensive, subscription-based managed care solution. Our approach has been proven to cut traditional health costs by an estimated 40% below the national average. As a fusion of both traditional medical coverage and adaptable digital and telemedicine, LCA Vantage is focused on treating the whole person, not just the symptom. Our mission is focused on helping all people, regardless of their race, gender, age, or pre-existing conditions. LCA Vantage simplifies the complexities of healthcare and puts the power of choice and affordability back in the hands of our subscribers.

Unlike traditional health insurance, LCA Vantage is a contract-free subscription service. Our members do not have copayments or deductibles and they always know their anticipated costs of care prior to their treatment. Additionally, members also have the ability to access their complete medical histories and records. Without excessive annual premiums, LCA Vantage membership is charged on a monthly basis and can be cancelled at any time.

Our strategic partnerships with hospital networks, governmental agencies, NGOs, and doctors allow us to implement fair and affordable fixed fees for medical visits, lab tests, procedures, and clinical costs. Subscribers and clients will know the total cost of care and the expected out of pocket expenses prior to their treatment. With these partnerships, LCA Vantage can offer the highest quality of care from renowned facilities and medical personnel across the nation--all while remaining in-network.

Yes, LCA Vantage is currently live and available in all 50 states.

Plans / Subscriptions

No. LCA Vantage membership is not a substitute for traditional, comprehensive health insurance. As a subscription-based membership program, LCA Vantage does not meet the ACA health insurance requirement. While LCA Vantage is not a health insurance company, it operates its own staff and facilities and maintains numerous partnerships with other hospital networks in an effort to fully cover its members.

The Member Responsibility Amount is the out-of-pocket expenses for the subscriber. LCA Vantage does not require a traditional annual deductible that our members must meet. We fully cover all services and our MRA is based on fixed-fee medical coverage, meaning that the subscriber will know the exact amount, if any, they are responsible for paying prior to receiving the service. As articulated by the Affordable Care Act, MRA annual limits are $8,550 per individual and $17,100 (USD) per family.

Just like a traditional medical bill, our subscribers will see how much LCA Vantage has covered as well as what they are responsible for. However, they will always know the total cost of care and what they will be responsible for prior to the visit, test, or procedure.

Our strategic partnerships with pharmaceutical companies, LCA Vantage provides substantial discounts on prescription medications. Additionally, subscribers can receive safe, at-home delivery for an additional $15 a month. These prescriptions are handled by certified drivers, providing a secure HIPAA box to ensure protected door-to-door delivery.

The LCA Vantage Medical Group has an extensive staff of board-certified physicians, nurses, and clinical staff. In addition to our own team of medical professionals, we have a network of facilities and personnel across the country that fully cover LCA Vantage subscribers.

Yes. All payment statements and medical plans are catalogued on our website. Additionally, subscribers will have streamlined access to their individual medical records, amendments, and current coverage plans. All data is protected by HIPPA and is highly encrypted during transport and at datastore rest. Double encryption ensures that all patient identifiable information remains confidential.

Yes, subscribers can change plans at any time. There is no additional charge, only the difference of costs between plans.

There is no contract for LCA Vantage Healthcare; subscribers pay a flat, monthly fee depending on which subscription they choose. We operate on a sign-up and cancel anytime basis. No hidden fees.

No! Our fleet of Mobile Medical Units are fully available to the public at large, no subscription or insurance required. They are in a constant rotation between regions, visiting schools, social service agencies, and other designated pop-up areas.